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Photo floating to the right Shelby Crouse was born in Mexico, Maine. Her interest in art sprouted from early childhood. Fascinated with the beauty of landscape surrounding her Western Maine home and coupled with her love and compassion for animals, was all the inspiration she needed to develop her artistic abilities. It was this passion that inspired her to give life to a blank canvas creating mood through style and shape. Shelby's use of soft lines and vibrant colors captures the elusive qualities of light resulting in her realistic beauty of watercolors. Her journey as a self-taught artist unlocked the unique techniques and solutions contributing to her success. Painting in of itself is Shelby's form of meditation: her peaceful and serene work is reflected in many mediums - oil, charcoals, pen & ink and especially watercolor, which has been her focus for the past ten years. Her fascination with abstract and surrealism is yet another source of expressive energy. Creating from the imagination using a variety of patterns and colors allows her to take risks and gives her the opportunity to explore. Shelby's work definitely reflects her free spirit, love and compassion for "Mother Earth" and all she has to offer. Her photographic skills help her to enhance her art. Shelby has her own line of cards, is an experienced art instructor, has illustrated for the Maine Educator as well as a local novelist, and has seasoned commission experience with a concentration on portraits. She now resides in Brunswick Maine with her husband Steve and family. Shelby's Art is for sale all over Maine. You can currently find her work at The Bowdoin College Store and The Portland Jet Port. Some of her orginal works are for sale at the Captain Daniel Stone Inn, Brunswick, Maine.

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