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Shelby's Outdoor Water Color Scenes!
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Shelby's Animal Water Color Scenes!
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Shelby's Home Water Color Scenes!
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Sharing The Passion of Art

Shelby Speaking - Teacher's Group MaineI love to share my passion for art whether it is at one of my many showings around the state or at a conference. Besides selling my art, I also teach others how to paint and speak at events. My daughter and I started a company called PartyPainter to give others the opportunity to have wonderful art painted by them in their own homes.

Maine Art From a Well Known Maine Artist!

I love to share my passion with others.
See all my latest scenes on the website, available for purchase today!

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Shelby Crouse's Art

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  • Do you need a commissioned piece? "Just contact me for pricing.
  • Wall Murals
  • Personal or group art classes